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[APD] Partially open aquarium?

I have been trying to find some examples of partially open top
planted aquariums. Specifically I 'm thinking of a tank that
would the 2/3 of the front covered with cover glass and
having a hood with glomats, while the back 1/3 would have
no cover glass allowing for emergent plant growth.

The fake backgrounds made out of styrofoam could come say
a metre out of the tank on which orchids, tillandsias etc could grow.

Pendant lighting could be used for the emergent growth as well as to
light the back 1/3 of the aquarium.

I've just planted some bald cypress (90 day max germination yea! not)
seeds and am thinking of planting these (once they're over a metre and
a bit tall) along the back too- that's another reason why I'm
thinking of a partially open aquarium.

So anyway if anyone has ideas or suggestions or knows of any links that have such setups, it would be most appreciated.


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