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[APD] Re: An observation

> From: "Jim Seidman" <js5 at seidman_net>

> How many tanks do you have that accumulate nitrates from fish wastes? That
> do you have tank where you don't add any NO3 and the NO3 levels keep
> anyway? If not, I imagine the ammonium is being dealt with just fine.

Yes, we have two 100g tanks. Both require 50% water changes every two weeks
to keep nitrates under 15 mg/l.  Both have decent fish loads and wet/dry

In fact, last spring we were down quite a bit on fish load. Nitrate was
pretty steady at around 5 mg/l.  The tanks looked relatively crappy.  Since
we stocked up on discus and rainbows this summer and nitrates have kicked
back up, things have really turned around. I speculate that the "Dupla
regimen" is targeted at higher fish loads and depends on high quality waste
:-) to balance the nutrients in the DuplaPlant tablets and daily drops.  Or
our maintenance techniques and schedule were learned on high fish loads and
don't work well in other situations.

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