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[APD] Re: creepy crawlies-- was substrate heat

Hey gang,

George Booth offers:
>>For example, I wish there was some way to have all
the creepy crawly critters in our tanks that help make
a complete ecosystem. Especially substrate dwellers.
But, unfortunately, most of the creepy crawly critters
soon become flying pests that would make our indoor
environment sort of annoying.<<

Along the same lines, I have a 20g with no fish, so
the micro fauna is fairly rampant in this tank.
Daphnia, hydra, Physa sp. snails, all kinds of little
worms, and tiny swimmers are everywhere to be seen.
The little critters mow algae like sheep mow pastures
and they're 100 times more effective than any shrimp
or fish that I've ever seen. Several different buggies
(nothing too exotic;) have hatched out of the tank--
Funny thing is I bought all the plants at a store, so
the eggs and larvae are there. The fish take care of
them in short order, I guess. 

I've never had a tank that is less troublesome despite
what some call "way too much light". I don't even have
to scrape the glass-- ever. The reef guys have
depended on microfauna for a long time to manage their
tanks. I'm starting to see FW equivalents.

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

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