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Re: [APD] An observation

The plant guru at my LFS recomends a fluidized sand filter for plants tanks. He has one of his 75 at home because it is very simple to maintain, and handles any nitrate spikes quickly. He says other bio-filters caused him problems when he cleaned them since they would loose some bio filtration capacity. He usually would get an algae breakout after cleaning out his canister filters while they were recovering.

I know he has a high fish load and feeds pretty heavily. How much bio-filtration you need probably depends on how much bio load you have, in a planted tank or in a non planted tank. Sand filters work for him, W/D work for you, some people have no bio-filters. Maybe bio-load is the factor to look at closely in deciding what sort of bio-filter to use.

AZ Burns

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Subject: [APD] An observation
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Current aquatic lore holds that biofiltration is not as necessary in a
planted tank as it is in a fish-only tank. Indeed, some authors go so far
as to say that biofiltration is a bad thing and outcompetes the plants for
critical ammonium. Everyone "knows" that plants prefer ammonium over
nitrate since it takes less energy to use it.

However, recent advances in nutrient management as promulgated by Tom Barr
have shown that some level of nitrate (and phosphate) is good for plants
and proper ratios of N and P are even bad for algae.

While listening to Tom's Forum at the AGA 2K3 convention, I believe he
also mentioned that algae can utilize ammonium very easily and that a
dearth of ammonium may hold algae at bay.

Hmmm, what better way is there to reduce ammonium and increase nitrate
than biofiltration?

Crank up dem wet/dry's, folks!


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