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[APD] Algae Fix

Yes yes, I know I shouldn't use chems to fight algae but
I got fed up and tried Algae Fix. May as well post my results
up here. 

1) It didn't hurt the plants - I had over 25 species in there including
Tonina fluvatilis, stargrass, Bacopa myriophyllum (sp?), Blyxa japonica.
The only plant that didn't like the treatment was the stargrass - got
a little blackening of the leaf edges, but it didn't die.

2) Fish didn't seem to notice it...

3) It killed the algae. I had three forms of algae in there -
	- green dust 
	- black film (a form of red algae)
	- BBA
The green dust and black film were gone within a week. The BBA
definitly didn't like the treatment but is now going away slowly.
Its turned gray - white in some areas and I can simply wipe it off
in most areas. I suspect that with another dose I may kill it all
but I probably won't dose again - I have the upper hand now.

It will kill snails and inverts.
Use the product at your own risk.

Ghazanfar Khan Ghori

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