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[APD] Re: Nutrient Problems

Looking at your pictures, you probably have nitrogen deficiency, probably K and/or mg. deficiency, and possibly iron deficiency. I recommend that, before you add any nutrients, you should cut your light down to about 1/4 of the present level. Only increase the light when the plants seem fully recovered and the algae is under control, and then only increase it cautiously. For a 29 gallon, you have very high light. When algae gets established under low nutrient conditions in a high light tank, and then you add a lot of nutrients, the algae can become a nightmare in just a day or two. Once the algae is under control and the plants are looking better, a little phosphorus would help, too. I think I would increase the CO2 to get the pH down to 6.5.

Paul Krombholz in rainy, windy central Mississippi with a strong cold front blasting through.
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