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RE: [APD] Re: All-Glass CF Fixture Replacement bulbs.

I just talked to Kim at AHSupply.com a few weeks ago with this specific
question. I was buying the All-Glass CF light fixtures for  20L species
tanks I'm setting up and I couldn't nail down what the pin pattern for AG's
bulb and I also was concerned if the pin pattern was the same - would
AHSupply's 55w lamps work in the AG fixture? Kim assured me that the pin
pattern was the same and that his 55w lamps would indeed work in the AG

Gary Whitt
Cork bark backgrounds in planted aquaria

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>When I first got my fixture home I was surprised to find that the 
>replacement bulbs for this fixture were made of unobtanium. That is, 
>unless you decided to swallow the inflated price set my All-Glass. I 
>refuse! I'd rather eat rocks.

Ahh, that elusive element is off causing problems again, eh? ;-) Just to
present another option, you could swap out the bulb sockets with sockets
from AH Supply so that you could use the AH Supply bulb selection. I did
this recently with an older Hamilton setup I have so that I could use the AH
Supply bulbs that were about 2/3 the price of the Hamilton replacements. 
The sockets are only a few bucks, and they're easy to swap out, and the
existing ballast(s) should be OK with the new bulbs as long as you use the
same wattage.


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