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Re: [APD] Re: Plant Guild Power C02 Reactor

It shouldn't be hard to get 100% abosorbtion with a decent
external reactor. And it's hard to beat 100%.

I'd much rather have the thing out of rather inside my
aquarium.  You can make an external reactor for just a few
dollars and a few hours time.

Scott H.
--- Scott Rossi <srossi at scottrossi_com> wrote:
> Brett,
> The Power Reactor from http://www.plantguild.com is
> excellent(same site as
> the link you posted).  I have 1 in each of my tanks wiht
> HP CO2 and SMS 122
> PH controllers.  I would guestimate that I am only using
> 25% of the co2 most
> of the other people out there are using with other
> reactors 

S. Hieber

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