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RE: [APD] Some thoughts on substrates and some Heat cable debate

For one example, warm springs in areas were the are is
relatively cool provide soil warmer than the surface water.
I remember enjoy a few sites like this inthe mountains
behind Santa Barabara.  but it was many years ago.

But the condition needn't occur in nature for it to be
useful in growing plants underwater in glass boxes. Not
much CO2 gets bubbled into the water in nature -- anyway,
not to the extent some aquatic gardeners do it. But CO2
injection is useful nonetheless.

Scott H.
--- Sharon Frey <sharonfrey at earthlink_net> wrote:
> Tom,
> Help me out here to understand.  What I know is in nature
> the substrate any
> plant grows in is not heated rather it is colder than the
> water or air it
> grows into and that could also be true for aquatic
> plants.  Thus the
> principle of adding heat to aid beneficial biological
> growth has never
> occurred in nature. 

S. Hieber

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