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[APD] Re: All-Glass CF Fixture Replacement bulbs.

When I first got my fixture home I was surprised to find that the replacement bulbs for this fixture were made of unobtanium. That is, unless you decided to swallow the inflated price set my All-Glass. I refuse! I'd rather eat rocks.

Ahh, that elusive element is off causing problems again, eh? ;-) Just to present another option, you could swap out the bulb sockets with sockets from AH Supply so that you could use the AH Supply bulb selection. I did this recently with an older Hamilton setup I have so that I could use the AH Supply bulbs that were about 2/3 the price of the Hamilton replacements. The sockets are only a few bucks, and they're easy to swap out, and the existing ballast(s) should be OK with the new bulbs as long as you use the same wattage.


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