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Re: [APD] All-Glass CF Fixture Replacement bulbs.

At 09:31 PM 11/22/2003, you wrote:

Those GE bulbs are what All-Glass is using. 9325k is IMHO the best bulb you can get. I'm betting the plant that changed so much changed because you are now seeing the submersed growth. The bulbs are not easy to find. If you live in the US then they are available from most all the big mail order outlets. I gladly pay the extra money for them because they not only make the plants look great but they give me more compact growth than the lower k bulbs I had before.

When I first got my fixture home I was surprised to find that the replacement bulbs for this fixture were made of unobtanium. That is, unless you decided to swallow the inflated price set my All-Glass. I refuse! I'd rather eat rocks.

Now ~1 year has passed and perusing through GE's online catalog, I found that the FX55BX/AR/FS is now listed. However without paying an exorbarant fish store inflation, where could I possibly find a pair of these bulbs? Here is the info GE has published:

Subcategory:                    Plug-in 4-Pin High Lumen Biax®
Product Code:                   45851
Description:                    F55BX/AR/FS 6PK
Watts:                          55
Average Rated Life:             10000
Lumens (Initial):               4800
Lumens (Mean):                  4080
Color Temperature (K):          9325
Color Rendering Index (Ra) CRI: 67
Bulb Type:                      BiaxL (T5)
Base Type:                      2G11
Nominal Length (In.):           20.7000
Nominal Length (mm):            525.000
Sales Unit UPC:                 043168458511
Case UPC:                       043168458511
Case Quantity:                  6
Additional Information:         Fresh and Salt Water Phosphor

Think maybe I can convince my local hydroponics shop to buy a 6 pack for me? Likely they already deal with GE. They do carry aquatic products as well. I got the PMDD DIY pack from them and that was the most excellent buy ever! I'll _NEVER_ run out.

My other question is... is 9300K too high? My one plant no longer resembles what it did when it was introduced. It lost it's round bright green leaves and filled back in with dark red long pointed leaves. It's still nice, but drastically different. Some plants did not survive longer than a couple months after their initial introduciton. Perhaps they could do nothing with the high spectrum? Some grass I introduced to fill the front has hardly spread, but there could be other reasons.... like neglect.


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