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[APD] Re: Plant Guild Power C02 Reactor


The Power Reactor from http://www.plantguild.com is excellent(same site as
the link you posted). I have 1 in each of my tanks wiht HP CO2 and SMS 122
PH controllers. I would guestimate that I am only using 25% of the co2 most
of the other people out there are using with other reactors I have been
using the same 5lb tank for over 15 months on two 46 gallon tanks and
maintain 22PPM 24/7. The Fluidized bed acheives near 100% CO2
dissolvement(is that a word?).

The prices are reasonable and the shipping charges are more than reasonable.
Bill ships ALL orders wihtin 24-48 hours and ships them USPS priority.

I don't mean to crush a sale here or anything, but is it really necessary to conserve CO2? I built myself a C02 reactor because feeding it right into the intake of my Ehime I found to be a little wateful, but still light years ahead of mixing up yeast batches (yuck). To achieve the PH/Co2 ppm that I wanted, I was using a rate of .5 bubbles/sec. A few weeks later I took out 20 minutes to build an inline reactor out of PVC pipe, filling it with some some large pebble. I eventually found the same effective infusion at a rate .2 bubbles/sec. That was last January. I was expecting my 5lb tank to last say, 3-6 months? What does 5lbs of CO2 cost? ~$10? (Canadian). Is commercial reactor really worth the investment? How long will it take to pay for itself? 10 years? I'm now creeping upto the 12 month mark and I'd have to say that the C02 savings are not really outpacing even my cheap reactor. Also, inline reactors have no footprint in the tank, use no power and provide more surface area for benificial bacteria. Cons: Cleaning them out without having quick disconnects.

The 5lb tank (filled), regulator and needle valve I all bought from a local welding supply shop for ~$175. Add ~$18 for the inline reactor I made. $200 Total and I'll never have to mix sugar water and yeast together again. Now _that_ was worth the investment in saved work and PH stability. *grin*

The point is... I'm really tight with my cash because I have to be, but even *I* wouldn't worry about the replacement cost of C02, considering how long it lasts. Then again if you don't care about cost and got to have all the toys just for the sake of it... Go for it! Forget all of the above. *laugh* Besides based on what I can see from plantguids' web presence, they look like a good company. Best someone supports them lest they dissapear.


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