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[APD] Cold climes

OUr summers here aren't crazy hot like many other places. Sure we get heat
waves of 30+C, but average temp is around 20-25C during the day. So keeping
the inside temp at 18-20 is pretty easy. The Air is usually off during the
day, and gets turned on in early evening so it's comfortable to sleep in.
In the winter, with teps regularly at -20 to -40 C or colder, a warm inside
is a very nice thing. For some reason 18-20 is very chilly inthe winter.
A good layer of snow on the roof also helps to insulate the house, so the
furnace ususlly kicks on once to twice an hour for about 10 minutes.
I've never persoannly experienced a shock from going inside to outside no
matter the temp difference. Don't know if it's just from being used to it or
if it just does't effect people like some other creatures?

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