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Re: [APD] Eheim rattle

I never tried putting oil on the moter parts of an Eheim,
but I never thouhgt it should be necessary -- the moving
parts are water lubricated and water cooled. If that's not
sufficient for proper operation, I would think that some
part replacement is in order. It's interesting that oil
might quiet a noisy rotor. I wouldn't have expected the oil
to remain long, being totally submerged in water inside the

How long between oilings?

Scott H.
--- Philippe Lemaire <ph_lemaire at CompaqNet.be> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a twelve year old 2213...
> When you remove the top you can open a rotating door...
> Carefully because there is a rubber inside !
> You see then the rotor and a ceramic (hard but breaky)
> axis.
> After some time the rotor wears the axis making it glad
> at two places :
> making it too thin and allowing noise...
> Solution 1 is to put some oil
> Solution 2 is to extract the axis from the other rubber
> (you don't see it)
> carefully not to break it and inverse it in such a way
> the rotor touches
> a thicker place (adding oil now shall be a good idea :
> ONE toothpick drop).
> Then you put all in place and close again...
> Philippe
> In Belgium new axes are quite cheap.  At the end the
> rotor can become worn out
>  which is more expensive to replace.  But if you change
> the filter every 20 years
> it is OK to change it after 10 years ;-)

S. Hieber

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