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Re: [APD] Eheim rattle


I have a twelve year old 2213...

When you remove the top you can open a rotating door...
Carefully because there is a rubber inside !

You see then the rotor and a ceramic (hard but breaky) axis.
After some time the rotor wears the axis making it glad at two places :
making it too thin and allowing noise...

Solution 1 is to put some oil
Solution 2 is to extract the axis from the other rubber (you don't see it)
carefully not to break it and inverse it in such a way the rotor touches
a thicker place (adding oil now shall be a good idea : ONE toothpick drop).

Then you put all in place and close again...


In Belgium new axes are quite cheap.  At the end the rotor can become worn out
 which is more expensive to replace.  But if you change the filter every 20 years
it is OK to change it after 10 years ;-)

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> Well, today I replaced the shaft, put in a new white pad, and cleaned 1/3 of 
> the fine substrate, as well as cleaning the coarse substrate. Also threw out 
> the extra floss that I had in there. It is quiteter now, with the flow back 
> up to normal, and the periodical half-second stoppages ("hiccups") have 
> stopped, but there is still a rattle (if not quieter than before.) Are the 
> bearings on the inside of the motor?
> Noisily in Brisbane,
> - Seweryn
> PS - got some Anubias nana "petite" today, and it's oh so cute!
> >>
> >If it is distinctly a rattle, and the motor parts are
> >assembled correctly (the parts the user can access for
> >cleaing) then it's probably the rotor, shaft or bearings.
> >This could also cause a decrease in water flow.
> >
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