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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 3, Issue 26

I said:

>>Can the explanation simply be that
>> those who have found them worthwhile live in colder
> >(colder rooms)?

>This kind of thing always brings me out of lurker mode
wherever I see it.

>Why do people assume that because a place drops below
freezing in the winter
>that our houses are cold?

I didn't assume that. I said 'Colder rooms' meaning  room
temperatures less than that of a usual aquarium. ie less
than 24 - 28C. Even if 18C I would'nt call that cold. But
some of the plants (or their roots would).

>In the winter, the house stays at 22-24C, thanks to the
furnace. That's
>right. Warmer rooms in the winter. Light up the fireplace
and the temp gets
>up to 28-30C easily.

I don't find plants like those temperatures either.  That's
why I have to use cooling fans.

>We do not live in igloos.   :o)

I hear that in igloos it gets so hot people run around
naked. Maybe, that's why they don't need aquaria to keep
them entertained.;-)

James www

in sunny Malta

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