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[APD] snails in canisters

Hi everyone,  I got a chuckle reading about people trying to get snails out 
of their canisters. 
I purposely keep ramshorns in my old Fluval canisters:)  They've 
    never gotten into the impeller section or into the tubing as adults (my 
    guess is when they get too big the water flow forces them out of the 
    tubing). I've found one or two babes near the openings of the tubing 
    in the canister head when I clean.  The canisters are much cleaner 
    with the snails in them:)  I have never put them in the new Fluvals 
    (they're breaking down without anyone's help, I'm replacing them 
    with Aquaclear 500's ).  Ray 

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