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[APD] Re: A note on cold climes and substrate heaters

I setup my tank with heat cables because my NYC apartment gets pretty cold in 
the winter time... cold enough that I will sometimes wear a ski cap and 
jacket (50's F). This isn't to say that all or even most NYC apartments get 
this cold -- just mine with a crazy landlord. Lucky me. My 15 gallon tank 
sits on top of a dresser in my bedroom and putting insulation under it 
sounded too unsightly. It's been a couple of weeks now with a substrate 
heater and the tank, fish and plants seem to be nice and warm and doing fine. 
Since I don't have a second tank I can't do a comparison between one with 
substrate heating and one without. I'm trying out a strategy that seems to 
fit my particular situation. If it fails, I'll certainly report it here so 
that someone else might consider this before trying the same thing (though I 
realize there could be a dozen other reasons for failure). Your thoughts and 
suggestions are appreciated -- I can already hear a chorus of "instead of a 
substrate heater, why don't you move!?!"
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