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[APD] FW: Madagascar lace plant

Richard can't post directly to the APD so I have included his remarks:

From: Richard J. Sexton Ph.D. J.D. [mailto:rich at rd_vrx.net]
Sent: November 20, 2003 7:00 AM
To: Steve Pushak
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Subject: Re: Madagascar lace plant

At 06:18 AM 11/20/03 -0800, Steve Pushak wrote:
>There has been a lot of speculation over the years about the dormant period
>allegedly required by lace plants. Presently, I don't know anybody
>propagating & growing lace plants successfully who does this. Perhaps there
>are some but certainly it is not important given that many of us do not use
>a dormant cycle. I have propagated the plant from seed & I have several
>young plants growing.
>This Aponogeton will use energy stored in the rhizome for about 6 months
>until it is exhausted unless you are providing sufficient nutrients, in
>particular nitrogen. In my experience, you MUST maintain a sufficient
>of N in the water to be successful with this plant long term. Without
>sufficient N, the plant will simply stop producing large new leaves.
>I don't think we have sufficient evidence (or I don't know of it), to
>suggest conclusively that tropical temperatures are detrimental to the MLP.
>I recall keeping the plant at tropical temperatures many years back. It
>well in a substrate containing earth worm castings until I tried to move it
>to another tank. I suspect that this (low temp) may be another red herring.
>Richard Sexton has had considerable success with the MLP; Richard, what
>temps were the water in your outdoor & indoor tanks?
>Steve P

Hi Steve;
the Actwin APD list kicked me off for some reason.

I agree that the dormant period is stating to look like some sort
of myth and that these plants ans other Aponogetons require
very heavy feedings; a plant-tab a month near the roots is
not to much.

As for temperature I have found that lwer is better than higher
but that they do not suffer up to 82F, but they do INO grow
better at cooler temperatures (62-75).

Jim Robinson has had far better luck with these things than
I have. Back when he was importing them he had maybe 50 i
a 65 gallon tank and when he sold maybe all but 12 those
plants spat out seeds and baby plants with wild abandon.


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