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Re: [APD] Eheim rattle -- or - Gloss on Floss

With Eheims, the bearings are rubber and are on either end
of the rotor shaft. Usually one is easily visible when you
open up the clip that holds the rotor in place.  The
bearing on the other end of the shaft often remains inside
the stator chamber when you pull out the rotor shaft. they
can be tricky to get out, but I know at least one way that
works reasonably well.

Usually, new bearings come with a new shaft. There are no
moving parts in an Eheim motor other than the rotor and
rotor blades, although the shaft itself might spin a bit,
eventually wearing down the bearings.

If new bearings and shaft don't fix the problem, and the
parts are clean. The only other thing is replace the rotor,
which is costlier but might help, or get a new motor (you
still under warranty?).  

Btw, Eheim has been picky about some warranty issues since
they spent so much on the Eccos while they redesigned the
Ecco handle attachment. Can't wait to see the new design on
the Eccos -- except for the handle they were darn decent
filters, imo.

Scott H.
--- Seweryn Bialasiewicz <s_bialasiewicz at hotmail_com>
> Well, today I replaced the shaft, put in a new white pad,
> and cleaned 1/3 of 
> the fine substrate, as well as cleaning the coarse
> substrate. Also threw out 
> the extra floss that I had in there. It is quiteter now,
> with the flow back 
> up to normal, and the periodical half-second stoppages
> ("hiccups") have 
> stopped, but there is still a rattle (if not quieter than
> before.) Are the 
> bearings on the inside of the motor?

S. Hieber

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