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Re: [APD] Re: Heat cable

Cables aren't the only way to keep your roots warm. You can
insulate the bottom of your aquarium if it is otherwise
exposed to the air. Doing so will keep the roots at pretty
much the same temp as the water.

Besides whatever substrates cables may do for the
substrate, they also heat an aquarium, which is not an
undesirable outcome, at least during winter months. ;-)

I think there are four positions re heating cables, the
last of which does not exclude the prior three:

They improve substrate quality over the long term
they don't improve substrate quality over the long term
They hurt substrate quality over the long term
They are efficient electric heaters

Scott H.
--- Stephan Mifsud <valerandi at nextgen_net.mt> wrote:
> . . .But then why do many Europeans and some
> Americans love them? Can the explanation simply be that
> those who have found them worthwhile live in colder
> climates
> (colder rooms)? Cable heating would keep the roots
> growing
> and working. Without them would not a temperature
> difference
> between the water coloumn and the root zone negatively
> effect the growth of tropical plants? Has anyone tried
> seeing how temperature differences between water coloumn
> and
> rootzones effect growth? I know many horticulturist who
> vouch that heating mats (bottom heat) are excellent for
> terrestrial plant growth. There is no appreciable redox
> involved and no nutrient flow, but plant roots 'love' the
> warmth, and so the whole plant grows well.

S. Hieber

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