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RE: [APD] Hygro leaves falling off...

> I'd really appreciate some help with this issue. If someone among us can
> put their finger on my problem, I'd be grateful.

I had the same problem with my hygros for more than a year. I experimented
with all mobile nutrients (P, K, N, Mg), nothing helped. I know, almost
every nutrient deficiency table says it is a potassium deficiency, but in my
case it wasn't. The problem was solved by accident, when I was trying to do
something with the curled new growth on my ammania. I doubled the amound of
Zn in my micronutient mix and that was it! Ammania started to grow better,
and all the symptoms on hygros were gone in a short time.

Marcin Baranowski
Bialystok, Poland

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