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[APD] Re: Some thoughts on substrates and some Heat cable debateThomas Barr

First of all: Good to have you back Tom. The APD had lost
some of its meaning for a while.

You made some interesting comments about the effects/non
effects cables have on substrates, which all make sense, and
concluded that they are useless. Probably because you have
not seen any difference between cable and non cable aquaria
yourself. Right? But then why do many Europeans and some
Americans love them? Can the explanation simply be that
those who have found them worthwhile live in colder climates
(colder rooms)? Cable heating would keep the roots growing
and working. Without them would not a temperature difference
between the water coloumn and the root zone negatively
effect the growth of tropical plants? Has anyone tried
seeing how temperature differences between water coloumn and
rootzones effect growth? I know many horticulturist who
vouch that heating mats (bottom heat) are excellent for
terrestrial plant growth. There is no appreciable redox
involved and no nutrient flow, but plant roots 'love' the
warmth, and so the whole plant grows well.

Too simple?



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