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Re: [APD] Eheim rattle -- or - Gloss on Floss

--- Seweryn Bialasiewicz <s_bialasiewicz at hotmail_com>
> Hello peoples!
> Got a question about my 4 month old Eheim 2213...
> After running silently for a while, it has developed a
> rattly hum when 
> running. 

If it is distinctly a rattle, and the motor parts are
assembled correctly (the parts the user can access for
cleaing) then it's probably the rotor, shaft or bearings.
This could also cause a decrease in water flow. 

These parts are sometimes special orders, sometimes a lfs
has them or you can order them on-line. Sometimes you can
get the shaft and bearings separately and sometimes you
have to buy them with the rotor.

The rotor, sahft, and bearings usually last much longer
than a year so contact Eheim about replacement.

>I cleaned the canister out, squeezed the filter
> pads, rinsed the 
> substrate, made sure the tubes were clear, and
> disassembles the outer pump 
> components and cleaned them. But it still rattles! And it
> seems that the 
> flow rate has decreased. 

> - When (if ever) should I replace the coarse and fine
> substrate??

My rule of thumb is when it gets too mucky to rinse off

> - Do I have to replace the white pad every few months, or
> can I just give it 
> a good rinse? 

You can but the finer media tend to not rinse as thoroughly
and need to be rerinsed sooner than fresh media would.

> Could I use some generic floss instead?

You bet. Go down to Joann's fabrics and buy a big bag for a
couple of bucks and you'll be set for years. Personally I
like the shinier polyester material ;-)  The bags will be
labeled re contents and chemicals. You're just looking for
plain clean polyester batting.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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