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[APD] Amano's comments on light spectrum

I just got Amaon's Aquarium Plant Paradise (bookcloseouts.com!) and read on
pp 55-56 (about red plants)..."Moreover, frequently changing the colors of
light injures the plants and can even kill them.  The reason for this is
that besides chlorophyll, the green leaf pigment, additional plant pigments
corresponding to the spectrum of light provided are produced, which can
occur unproblematically only in young leaves. Therefore, when the light is
changed the old leaves are dropped and new leaves are formed."

Does this explain the common outbreak of algae in newly planted tanks? Is
the algae an attack on newly weakened leaves, in advance of their being shed
anyhow? Is the remedy then to prune them away as soon as reasonable as new
growth appears?

Furthermore, in my new PSL hood with 4 x 55 watts, one bank of lights is
6500K, the other 9325K, and the run times are slightly staggered -- am I
confusing the plants by doing this?

Forgive me if this is old info, it is simply new to me. I am seeing a minor
outbreak of algae in the new tank similar to what occured after I changed
the lights from double flourescents to PC, when pruning and patience (and
nutrients) proved to be the best answer. However, even when nutrients were
adjusted, nearly all old leaves had to be removed.

It makes sense to me that all plants would have a response not unlike a
minor version of crypt melt when placed into a new situation, I've seen it
happen with terrestial plants in response to changed sunlight.

Ann V

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