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Re: [APD] Cables -- or - Are people more wired than before

Are people using cables less than before? 

Why, I saw posts about heating cables just a month or two
ago right on APD  ;-) . George Booth, who was one of the
first to trumpet their benefits in this country, spoke in
that thread. 

I don't know if they were ever in widespread use. I doubt
that they were or are now. You don't find them in many lfs,
but then I don't see a very good selection of plants in
most lfs either. A set was sold just a few days ago at the
AGA Convention.  It was a used set so the sale did not
increase the number of cable users. 

They are still marketed new and at least a few people are
still buying them.

As to their value for plants, I defer to Tom and George's
recent discussion.

I will say it's one darn energy effcient way to heat an
aquarium. But the wires can cost more than you can save in
energy for years to come.

Scott H.

--- Bill Wichers <billw at waveform_net> wrote:
>. . .Substrate heating coils seem to
> have fallen out of 
> favor in recent years judging by the lack of posts
> regarding them on this 
> list. 

S. Hieber

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