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Re: [APD] Which size CO2 tank?

A 5-pound tank would be plenty if your tank doesn't shed
lots and lots of CO2, but consider going bigger:

Check your CO2 suppliers and see waht refills cost for each
size.  A small increase in cost for a larger tank might be
quickly offset by savings in CO2. I pay about $9.50 to fill
a 5-pound tank and $10 to fill a 10-pound tank. I think my
10-pound tank (buying the tank itself) cost about $10-20
more than the 5-pound tank. So one or two refills and I
broke even; now I'm saving money.

Consider also where you might put a larger tank and how
much it will weigh. 20 pounders can be awkward to store and
hard(er) to handle.

Scott H.
--- fish7days <fish7days at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> Which size tank would be good for a 55gal?  I see 5, 10
> and 20 pounders
> around.

S. Hieber

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