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[APD] Re: Heating Cables

In reviewing some of the discussion that Dupla espouses regarding the benefits of cables I am having a difficult time understanding any benefit. It would seem based on their logic that adding additional __flow__ of any kind would be detrimental, not benefitial.

I was thinking about that on the way out to Dallas and figured the long term benefit of cables is mostly due to the laterite/gravel type of substrate used at that time. My thinking being that all the material that binds the nutrients is at the bottom of an otherwise inert substrate. The cables then create a flow of water to bring the nutrients into that "rich zone" where chemicals can be sequestered.

Since the advent of "complete" substrates such as Flourite, our plants have been growing in a substrate composed entirely of bindable material. As such, there is no practical benefit gained from current creating cables. Root draw action should be sufficient to replenish the sequestered nutrients throughout the entire substrate zone, maintaining a nutritious environment for our plants.

Just my thoughts.  I'd be interested in hearing yours,

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