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[APD] Tom Barr System: What is the Mechanism?

The "Tom Barr System" (50% weekly water changes plus "reference solution" ferts) makes a lot of sense. It has simplified my life and seems to be working on my tank (knock on wood...) My question is, what is the mechanism that this system depends on for success?

The PMDD system described so completely on the Krib uses a nutrient limitation mechanism with three basic components to eliminate algae:
* Strictly limit phosphate
* Keep traces down to an amount indexed to the Iron level
* Keep Nitrate at 5-10 ppm

The "Tom Barr System" teaches that excess Phosphate is not the problem, nor are excess Iron or traces within the bounds limited by the 50% water change. What then is the mechanism that allows plants to florish and eliminate algae? It doesn't seem to be nutrient limitation.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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