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[APD] Re: Madagascar lace plant

Just out of curiosity... if they need a dormancy period, what about putting them in the refrigerator for some period of time (3 months) in a bag of water? That's commonly done with Tulip bulbs to help them grow and bloom well. Obviously this would need the low tolerance to handle temperatures in the mid to upper 30's... but if they come from a place with winter freezing that should be okay.



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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 08:16:25 EST
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Subject: [APD] Madagascar lace plant
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Was wondering if anyone had any long term success with these plants?? I usually have them start and grow well until around 6 months or the onset of warm weather.
Apparently they require some type of dormant season such as the other aponogetons.
Keeeping something below 70 is really tough here but I'm wondering if I might be able to transplant them to my pools during winter.Anyone know the low tolerance?? I have one in my shadehouse that I can maintain at any temp.

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