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[APD] RE: want some advise on peat/sand substrate

Jessica "Lady Jai" wrote:
> substrate:
> 50/50 peat sand mix for a 2" in front and around 3-3.5 iches in back. then
> another inch of sand on top. the peat is the pure Canadian sphagnum. the
> sand is mostly play sand.
> part of this seems to make sense when I was reading an old post that
> mentioned that ammonia is a primary concern of an anaerobic substrate and
> that would make sense. if my bacteria was insufficient for the substrates'
> ammonia production...
> anyway, I was wondering, if it would behoove me to strip the
> tank, and take
> the peat/sand mixture down to a depth of no thicker than 1.5
> inches, ad back
> my inch of sand and then replant. I'm a little concerned about totally
> destroying the excellent growth I'm getting, but I don't want to
> put to much
> risk on my  fishes. or, would it be sufficient to just try to
> make sure my
> swords and heavy root feeders are evenly placed throughout the tank?

I'm sure your ammonia problems had everything to do with the removal of your
filter & bacteria & nothing to do with your peat substrate. Peat does not
contain much available nitrogen.

It would be good to have Swords & heavy root feeders to help supply oxygen
to the substrate. Fast growers will take care of any ammonia production by
the fish & you should never get enough nitrate for ammonia production in the

If the plants are growing well, don't change the substrate. If the fish are
having problems, check your water parameters for ammonia. Perhaps you have
too many fish or feeding too much for the size of your plant population.
Once things grow in, it should be much better.

Where do you live that you need to use a fan? I'm guessing SE Asia? Nice to
be able to have aquariums outdoors there! much cheaper using sunlight & no
heaters! I've even seen continuous water supply systems that worked great!
(tap water not so cold)

Steve P in rainy Vancouver

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