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Re: [APD] co2 won't stop

Cavan wrote:

I'm having a problem with my co2 controller setup that
I'm hoping someone can help me with.  I replaced my
5lb bottle today (swap).  I noticed that when the
solenoid switched off (has a red indicator light,
outlet display light on the controller), the co2 kept
bubbling through the bubble counter.  It even kept
going when I turned the dial on the bottle itself off.

There is often a good amount of CO2 in the line from the CO2 reg to the reactor, so even completely shutting off the CO2 tank main valve won't stop the flow right away. I typically will see bubbling for 4-5 minutes after shutting off the reg. If I crank open the needle-valve after shutting off the reg, I can bleed off the pressure quicker.

Turning the dial down on the needle valve hardly
makes and difference in the bubble rate. What's going
on here?

What is the pressure from the regulator?

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