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[APD] co2 won't stop

I'm having a problem with my co2 controller setup that
I'm hoping someone can help me with.  I replaced my
5lb bottle today (swap).  I noticed that when the
solenoid switched off (has a red indicator light,
outlet display light on the controller), the co2 kept
bubbling through the bubble counter.  It even kept
going when I turned the dial on the bottle itself off.
 Turning the dial down on the needle valve hardly
makes and difference in the bubble rate.  What's going
on here?  

I took the probe out and put it in some tap water
before putting it back in the tank.  Tap water is
about 7.2.  When I put it back in the water, it read
about .1 higher after stabilizing than when I had it
in earlier.  ??  

Thanks, Cavan 

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