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[APD] TAOPA email list

Hi folks, just wanted to announce that the TAOPA email
list is now up and running again.

This list is dedicated to the discussion of the
Artistry of Planted Aquaria. Appropriate topics to
this list are of an artistic/aesthetic nature (i.e.
aquascape critiques, design/layout issues, theory,
discussion of other artists, etc.). Technical issues
that are not related to aesthetic concerns are not
appropriate to this list (tank equipment, algae
control, taxonomy, chemistry, fish husbandry etc.).

The goal of this list is to promote the idea of
planted aquaria as art, to improve our own art, and to
generally raise the discourse when it comes to this

The history of TAOPA is that it was formed in Feb.
2002, designed to create a "dedicated space" for
artistic discussion.  It does not replace APD.  It is
merely something different.  In fact most people on
TAOPA are also on APD.

With the AGA contest results now available, it's a
great time to discuss this subject.

To join:
taopa-subscribe at yahoogroups_com
(message options include individual emails, digest, or

(you need to be a member to view)


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