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[APD] Re: What is "low tech" by todays standards?

The answer is simple my friends.  Count the number of power strips you
have chained together to supply electricity to the tank. One power strip
with one or two empty sockets (or simply using a two plug wall outlet)
means you are low tech. We tend towards usign all of two separate wall
outlets and two power strips per tank. :-)

So a high-tech tank is now defined as a tank that would be more economical if separately metered since it would qualify for discounted interruptible electric rates? Hmmm.... ;-)

I actually know of a local marine aquarium home business type of place (several tens of thousands of gallons of salt water tanks, very neat place) that really *does* separately meter their aquariums -- but they also use all plenum set ups with little more than powerheads and a few MH lights for some tanks.


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