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[APD] Substrate Heaters

Hi everyone - I've had an aquarium for 5 years but only recently tried
to introduce plants. I bought a Dupla substrate heater and have a
question - I rebuilt my 15 gallon tank and placed the heating coil in an
1 1/2" of sand substrate with another 1 1/2'' or pea gravel above that.
I expected the wires coming out of the transformer (and going into the
tank) to be warm to the touch but they aren't. The transformer gets very
warm but the wires seem to be at room temperature. Is this normal? I
have another heater in the tank and the temperature of the tank has
remained the same. The substrate heater is a very simple piece of
equipment it's hard to see how anything could be wrong if it's hooked up
correctly. I've checked the connections repeated and everything is fine.
Still, the wires don't seem to be warm at all. Your thoughts would be
greatly appreciated. - TJ
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