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[APD] Eheim rattle

Hello peoples!

Got a question about my 4 month old Eheim 2213...
After running silently for a while, it has developed a rattly hum when running. I cleaned the canister out, squeezed the filter pads, rinsed the substrate, made sure the tubes were clear, and disassembles the outer pump components and cleaned them. But it still rattles! And it seems that the flow rate has decreased. The only addition to the filter media was to add a thin extra layer of floss right before the white pad. Any ideas what's going wrong?
Along the same lines...
- When (if ever) should I replace the coarse and fine substrate??
- Do I have to replace the white pad every few months, or can I just give it a good rinse? Could I use some generic floss instead?

Thanks for any advice,

- Seweryn

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