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[APD] Re: Anubius gilbertii

Bob,  your probably right, the plant was not labeled, just told to me loosely 
so I probably spelled it incorrectly,  Now that I think back it was gilletii. 
 I talked with Julius Boos, someone with whom I am sure your familiar with 
and he gave me the same directions, sand-peat mix with lava rock at bottom and 
water only up to level of where the lava ends or just below.  I am doing that 
with others, Lasia, Urospatha, Cyrtosperma merkusii, but wasnt sure about the 
Anubius because I know many grow these totally submerged.  I tried the old 
standby and sprayed with some Daconil lightly and it seems to be perking up and 
feeling better, the third leaf doesnt seem to be getting any yellowing and it 
has lifted the second one.  I am going to get some more lava rock though and 
repot it just as a precaution.  All my other Anubius seem to be thriving half 
submerged but I may just repot them as well.  Thanks for the help!  Michael
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