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[APD] Re: Which size CO2 tank?

Which size tank would be good for a 55gal? I see 5, 10 and 20 pounders



It's more a matter of how long you want to go between refills than a matter of what size is really needed. A 20 pounder will last about 4x as long as a 5 pounder, and will also get you a bit better pricing overall since it's usually cheaper per unit volume to fill a large tank than to fill a smaller one. Depending on your tank's CO2 consumption (and for the purposes of CO2 tank sizing this includes the efficiency of your CO2 reactor and the actual CO2 use of the aquarium), any of the three tank sizes you mention should last at least a year I would think. I personally would opt for the 20 pounder and thus have to make fewer trips to the refill shop.


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