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[APD] Madagascar Lace Plant

Gerry Skau asks "What's the ideal temperature for them?"

I currently don't believe that temperature is an important factor for Lace
plants, although at one time I had certainly wondered about it. For me, the
missing factor was in providing an abundance of nitrogen to support the
rapid growth habit of this plant. Other nutrients must, of course, be
sufficient. If you have a lace plant which is alive but not putting out many
new leaves or only very small ones, it might be that you need to boost the
N. Once you supply enough N, you'll probably find that growth is rapid until
some other nutrient becomes in short supply! :-)

They say that Lace plants prefer a cool water temperature. I don't have any
evidence to support or counter that. My lace plants live at about 70F which
is a little on the cool side of tropical.

Steve P

P.S. I hear California is getting it worse than we had it this year: wild
fires now floods! its seasonably cool here now with rain due once more.

How about some hot off the press reports from the AGA convention! I wish I
was there!!!

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