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[APD] Re: Power Compact Bulb Useful Life: 12 months max

Tomoko Schum wrote:

I fail to see why it is necessary to buy new bulbs every
year.  I suppose it all depends on each individual person's


So you choose to spend nearly 80 dollars on light bulbs
every year and be blessed with a super fast growth, whereas
I spend the same amount every three years or so and still
have a pretty luxuriant growth throughout this period.
Don't you think we get the money's worth either way?


Yes, it does depend on your perspective. In my case, my tank is 24 inches deep, and my light level when the bulbs are new is a bit over 3W/gallon. When I measured bulb output on each of the four bulbs and found that output had dropped to about half, that put me at well under 2W/gallon on a deep tank. Since I had designed a high-tech, high-light setup as a display tank, and paid about $250 to purchase a 4x55W system plus enclosure in the first place, the fact that I was severely under lighted after 2 years made the replacement bulbs a mandatory purchase for me. It was that or give up on the original tank goals.

Your perspective makes sense as well. And you don't have to trim as often!

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