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Re: [APD] Re: Power Compact Bulb Useful Life: 12 months max


I fail to see why it is necessary to buy new bulbs every
year.  I suppose it all depends on each individual person's
perspectives.  Although I cut back on the fertilizers, my
plants are growing well and I don't have to keep pruning a
lot of plants every week like I used to.  When someone asked
for some plants a few weeks ago, I increased the amount of
fertilizers a little to speed up the growth.  The plants
responded well and I did not experience any algae issue,
either.  I am very happy with the current level of light and
the speed of the plant growth.  When I finally replace my
bulbs, I suppose I will have to deal with an extra fast
growth for a little while.

So you choose to spend nearly 80 dollars on light bulbs
every year and be blessed with a super fast growth, whereas
I spend the same amount every three years or so and still
have a pretty luxuriant growth throughout this period.
Don't you think we get the money's worth either way?


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