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[APD] PC vs. T5HO?

Hi ...

I've got a 30" double-light fluorescent strip (Perfecto) that
could use an upgrade. Current occupants are T8s, 2x20w.

I'm trying to figure out which would be cheaper and/or most
effective. But I'm dealing with known vs. unknown, PCs vs T5/HOs.

Known quantity:
AH Supply PC 1x55w, 22" long, $42. The combo light would run
about $23 (it's for a microreef). Total: $65

I don't know much about T5/HOs, and what I've seen on the internet
so far just has me confused. Has anyone got recommendations
for hardware -- ballast & wiring, t-5 endcaps.(Also, know any good
sources for bulbs? I've found some decent prices at the link mentioned

Has anyone tried the Universal ballast advertised at
http://www.specialty-lights.com/flballast.html  ? $40. Good deal.


Shireen Gonzaga/Baltimore, MD
whimbrel at comcast_net
*** Wesley Clark 2004 ***
*** http://www.clark04.com  ***

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