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[APD] FW: SBLD - Cyanophyta - Cyanobacteria

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Subject:	SBLD - Cyanophyta - Cyanobacteria

November 13, 2003
Cyanophyta - Cyanobacteria

Members of the Kingdom Monera (bacteria), the Cyanophyta were
formerly known as bluegreen algae and grouped with the plants. In
fact, among their members are the likely precursors of chloroplasts!
This site by Dave Webb provides a detailed overview (20 pages) on many
aspects of cyanobacter biology, including their organization,
specialized structures (akinetes, heterocysts), ultrastructure,
nitrogen fixation, symbioses with plants, diversity, common genera and
their ecological role. The site provides a well illustrated
introduction that would easily meet the needs of a sophisticated
survey of green organisms. (****) -S

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