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Re: [APD] PO4 storage in diatoms

Welcome back, Tom,

Does this mean that other means of fightig diatom algae are
necessary, or at least more often practical in an aquarium?

Also, does the storage take place whenever they gorw or
only when PO4 levels are very high?

Scott H.
--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:
> A paper I recently reviewed suggest that some diatoms are
> able to store enough PO4
> in the form of polyphosphate to support nearly 100
> subsequent generations.(Horne
> and Goldman 1994)
> This suggest that it would rather difficult, perhaps
> impossible to beat certain
> species of diatom algae through PO4 limitation when
> growing aquatic plants.
> It is not unreasonable to assume when the nutrient levels
> are extremely  low for
> very long periods, that even smaller algae have similar
> abilities even if an order
> of magnitute lower, they would still be very formidable
> foes.
> But these PO4 levels never occur in an aquarium unless
> you have no fish, larger
> critters, never disturb the substrate via removal of
> plants etc.

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