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[APD] Sickly Crypts... low K??

Hello all,

Quick question about nutrient deficiencies...
Found after 3 weeks of green water (finally is clearing up) that my crypts of various species are not doing to well. Leaves are curling up lengthways, and translucent patches (more like lots of spots) are forming on the leaves (like the leaf is wasting away from the inside). This seems to be happening to both old and new leaves. My Echinodorus (elephant's ear??) also has some yellow/browny patches on it's leaves. My new Apo. undulatus, Lace fern, Pter.Windolev, anubias, moneypenny, Wisteria, Limnophillia, and Altemanthera reineckii "roseofolia" are all doing well.
Does this sound like a K defficiency?
Thanks for the help,
- Seweyrn

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