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[APD] Re: Ammania bonsai

>>Athough I have not seen anything else posted about this plant, I went down
to the water supply and picked up some of the plant that I mentioned before.
This time the plant is in my 75 gallon tank with flourite/onyx substrate and
2 175 watt metal halide lights with pressurized CO2. Lets see how it does
there. I have a picture of this plant showing both emergent and submerged
growth. What do you think it is?

I have no idea what that is, but it looks nothing like the Ammania bonsai I
have. Here is a picture, not the greatest picture, but a picture:

http://www.aquabotanic.com/abstore/media/AmmaniaBonzai.jpg  Its a very small
leaved plant. The leaves are about the size of Micranthemum umbrosum, and
very close together on verticle stems. The stems are reddish in color. The
plant seems to be more widely available in Asia, particularly Japan. I
didn't want people to think I was making this up, and hoped some of our
Asian friends on this list would speak up. In my forum, a gentleman from
Japan described it as follows:

- Very demanding and difficult to grow it decorative
- High light intensity and high CO2 injection are effective
- Neutral-weak acid and soft water are advantageous
(in the one of my tanks, optimum = 27 degrees centigrade,pH6.2,KH3dH,GH2dH)

Here is a close up picture of one stem, however this stem does not show the
red color


The bunches I have are about 4" in height, and very thick leaf growth.

I have another new one I bet you never heard of before! Nuphar formosa! A
variant of Nuphar japonica, except instead of green leaves, the leaves are
orange and red!  It has the same shaped leaves as japonica, and the same
typical Nuphar tuber, (which to me looks like a chunk of raw pineapple)
Multiple shades of red and orange that change and get darker as the plant
matures. Very cool.

Robert Paul Hudson

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