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Re: [APD] Baby Tears or Moneywort?

I wouldn't excpect two diff sources to have the same names
for all plants, common or latin.  Althought I don't think
it's as wild as it is for fish. Common names are almost
useless, imo. Always ask for the sgenus and species name
whenever you buy a plant. You won't alway get it, but it
helps to try.

Good sources for names are Christel Kasselmann's _Aquarium
Plants_, Tropica's _Tropica Aquarium Plants_, and Oriental
Aquarium's _The Aquarium Plant Handbook_.

You can get these from the better on-line bookstores like
Amazon.  And you can ge them from the AGA:


Scott H. 
--- "Beek, Graham" <Graham_Beek at ds-s.com> wrote:
> I've always thought that Baby Tears was Bacopa monnieri,
> but now I'm not so
> sure. On www.plantgeek.net, they have Baby Tears as
> Micranthemum umbrosum
> and Bacopa monnieri as Moneywort. There seems to be a
> huge amount of
> confusion over plant names with any single plant having
> multiple common and
> latin names. It's almost understandable with common names
> but surely the
> latin names of popular common plants should have
> stabilised by now. Is there
> a definitive source with correct (i.e. scientific)
> identification?

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