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[APD] Algea Test Tank

Hello all,

Recently I set up a 40L quarantine tank, and needed to stock it with some fish to get it cycled. So I decided I would kill 2 birds w/ one stone and do a little test on fish with reputations for eating algea. First, the tank is bare bottom, with a few flat rocks, some hornwort and java moss. Heater and sponge filter, but no light other than ambient and from my main tank, which it sits next to. I initially put in 5 guppies and a fistfull of green beard algae (or is it hair algae? I can never keep the names straight. It's rough single stranded green algae with branches that forms large hairy clumps that are semi-attached to plants- more like tangled in really). Anyway, I put in a medium black molly and 2 American Flag Fish. A week later, I had not noticed any decrease in algae. Observed only the occasional nibble from the flag fish, and that was mostly on the rocks and filter. Molly seemed to be preoccupied with mouthing the glass bottom.
So I went and bought 6 SAE's. That was 2 days ago, so i'll give 'em a week.
That's about it for my grand experiment so far. Anyone have any comments or suggestions?


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