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[APD] My Biotope is Finally Looking Good

Hi all,

After a lot of trial and tribulation I think I finally like how my local
biotope tank is progressing.  After moving down here, I started it about 10
months ago.  I had plants die and fish die.  I got lots of good advice from
people on this list and I appreciate it.

After the plants started to grow at bit, and the fish live a bit longer, of
course the algae showed up.  After combating the algae for a while and also
due to not having enough time due to work, I simply ignored the tank, except
to feed the fish.  No scraping the algae off the glass, no fertilizers, and
water changes only when the pumps would not work due to low water.  In other
words I went back to a low maintenance tank approach after the plants sort
of got established.

Well the algae very slowly disappeared.  I no longer have to scrape the
glass.  The plants are healthy and my locally caught sail-fin mollies are
not only surviving, but reproducing.  The tank may not look pretty in an
Amano sort of way, but I think it looks exactly like a local biotope down
here should look.  So I am happy with the results. This all came a little
too late for this year's AGA contest. but I will be ready next year.

I've got photos of the tank at:
If this doesn't work go to:
and drill down through the pages to my 125 gal biotope.


Steve Pituch
Corpus Christi, Texas

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